Dear Abu Bakar S/O Muhammad Ishaq you are successfully registered in Wisdom Mining Private Limited for Basic Ads Package with Flex Power 2 points.

Your basic info are as given bellow:

Name Abu Bakar
Father Name Muhammad Ishaq
CNIC 35202-9986022-1
Cell Number 03217150578

How to get login info?

After transfer of account activation amount you will get active account in 1 to 2 hour ( if you have Flex Power 4 points or above ) Flex Power of each Package is given as below:

  • Basic Ads Package, Flex Power 2 Points
  • Silver Ads Package, Flex Power 4 Points
  • Gold Ads Package, Flex Power 6 Points
  • Diamond Ads Package, Flex Power 8 Points


How to Increase Flex Power?

If you Signup for Basic Ads Package then you will have Flex power 2 points but according to Flex power rules you must have Flex power 4 points to active login. So you can increase your Flex Power by following methods:

1> Can Signup another account in Silver Ads Package then both user will have Flex power 4 points & both can get active login.

2> Can change your Package to Golden Ads Package then you will get Flex power 6 and will get active login.

3> You have Maximum 6 hours to Increase your Flex Power.

How I can get my fee refund?

If you can’t complete/increase your Flex Power in 6 hours, then your account will delete & account activation fee will refund after 6 months.


Please don’t argue with our representative for refunding process because they follow rules of company. You can send email direct to Administration department of company. Email us

For more info please read our Flex Power Rules


Have a Nice Day


Wisdom Mining Private Limited