• What is Investment?

Investment is actually a Saving Plan in which users have to invest amount & get profit at Monthly based till specific Time. Remember if you invest money in our company in any plan than your deposit money will Refund after the expiry of the Contract. Before the end of the Contract time, you will unable to withdraw your invest amount

  • Is this a Legal Company??

Wisdom Mining Private Limited is a company that is approved by SECP. You can verify our company In SECP by the incorporation ID number (0134313). Click here to get all documents from our company.

  • Where our Investment used?

Basically, our Company invests in Mining Projects across the world through our agents, and our Company also invests in the amount in Digital Mining (Cryptocurrency Mining). We provide profit to our Investors at monthly based.

  • How to invest money?
  1.  Choose Plan to Invest.
  2. Submit Application
  3.  Transfer Amount in a given account
  4. Send slip of Transfer at Whatsapp.
  5.  You will get a Deposit slip from the company on email or Whatsapp
  6. After 2 Hours finally, you will receive your Scan documents (if you invest Online)
  7.  Print all documents and save them as proof.
  • What is Online Jobs?

An online job is any job where you can work from home or a remote location, rather than reporting to a set location daily. Online jobs are becoming more and more readily available as technology and internet connections continue to improve. Many people work online in a variety of fields such as customer service, writing, billing, computer programming, and education.

  • How much I can earn?

You can earn up to 10000/PKR weekly if you work properly with us

  • Is there any advance fee?

Yes in Smart Online Typing Jobs you must have to pay an account activation fee to activate your login account.

  • Is the fee refundable?

Yes, the account activation fee is refundable after the expiry of your account.

  • Why should I pay?

Wisdom Mining Private Limited is an outsourcing Company. For Contract of Typing Projects Company pay huge amounts as security. Si for login activation fee is a must.

  • How to buy a typing account?
  1.  Choose Plan to work.
  2. Submit Application.
  3.  Transfer Amount in a given account
  4. Send slip of Transfer at Whatsapp.
  5.  You will get a login via email.
  6. Login your account and start your work.