Dear Muhammad Mubashar Obaid S/O Obaid ur Rehman you are successfully registered in Wisdom Mining Private Limited for Plan1 (Starter Plan with Zone value 1.

Your basic info are as given bellow:

Name Muhammad Mubashar Obaid
Father Name Obaid ur Rehman
CNIC 37403-5016047-9
Cell Number 0340-7170796

How to get login info?

After transfer of account activation fee  you will get active account in 1 to 2 hour ( If you have Zone Value 2) Zone value of each Plan is given as below:


Starter Plan,  Zone value 1

Basic Plan,  Zone value 2

Normal Plan,  Zone value 3

Pro Plan,  Zone value 4


How to Increase Zone Value?


As you Signup for Starter Plan now your Zone value 1 but according to zone value rules you must have zone value 2 to active login. So you can increase your zone value by following methods:


1>Can Signup another account in Basic plan than both login will have zone value 2 & both can get active login.

 2>Can change your Plan to Normal Plan than you will have zone value 3 and will get active login.

 3>You have Maximum 6 hours to Increase your star value.


How I can get my fee refund?


If you can’t complete/increase your Zone value in 6 hours, then your account will delete & account activation fee will refund after 7 months.


For more info please read our Terms & Conditions.


Have a Nice Day


Wisdom Mining Private Limited